February 16, 2022

The Process

“The Process: A Principled Guide to Changing Your Reality” by Kelvis Cedeno | Website | Twitter | Instagram | One of the main reasons people fail […]
December 26, 2021

Your Habitat

“Your Habitat: How to Achieve Mindset Freedom and Happiness for Better Marriage and Security” by Chant More | Books by Author | What’s this Author’s Agenda? […]
October 20, 2021

You Are Designed to Be Successful

“You Are Designed to Be Successful” by Freddie Floyd Jr | Instagram | YouTube | The first part of the book introduces the readers to understand […]
June 1, 2021


Get Your Copy Free! For Limited Time! “Forgiveness: Fast-Track Your Emotional, Mental, and Physical Healing Journey and Start Living a Beautiful Life” by Fanica Raarinca | […]