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Featured Books

“The Return Journey” by Eileen Bird

Historical Fiction set in Yorkshire 1927 through to 1948. Maggie Johnson refuses to believe that her father would willingly abandon her and her siblings. Especially not after the death of her mother.Something must have happened perhaps, an accident. Her grandmother Alice Fletcher, begs to differ. She has always known that her son-in-law is a good-for-nothing man! With a heavy heart, Alice makes a tough decision, one that will alter the rest of Maggie’s life. Alice makes arrangements for Maggie and her siblings to be sent to Green Bank Institute, a home for orphaned and abandoned children. Once there, Maggie is subjected to constant abuse. Eventually, she snaps and retaliates. To punish her, she is sent to a detention centre. It will be decades before Maggie sees her family again. Alone in the world, Maggie must learn to fend for herself and survive.

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“The Legend of Misty Mountains” by Shiva Sethuraman

The Legend of Misty Mountains:
The first of an exciting new series about a magical land and the people who inhabit them.
Misty Mountains is a magical abode nestled among the clouds and inhabited by The Strange People. It had been established by the Lightning Strikers and the Magicians who have lived in peaceful coexistence for the last ten years. The Strikers possess the incredible power to create lightning, thunder and rain. The Strikers wield their power without restraint and have no desire to help the Earthly People living below.

The Magicians possess sublime skills and knowledge. They visualize a world where the Misty Mountaineers and Earthly People live in close contact with each other, benefitting from each other’s knowledge.
But with the Lightning Strikers showing no inclination of contacting the Earthly People, things are at an impasse at Misty Mountains.

The Magicians suspect that the source of the Strikers’ immense power lies in a hidden gemstone. The Magicians decide to acquire the gemstone and use its powers to help the Earthly People living below. Do they succeed? What happens if they fail?

The readers start on a magical journey of Misty Mountains which involves the Strikers, Magicians, dwarves, the Wise Ones, an imposing tower, a hidden gemstone.

The viewers are faced with the question: if the Magicians don’t succeed then who will in their quest?
The Legend of Misty Mountains is a tale of a clash between two conflicting beliefs. Of good vs evil. Of courage, vision, compassion and hope on one side and hatred, deceit, hostility and treachery on the other…

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“21st Century Battle Hymns” by SJ Leveaux

The monsters of today do not sleep in woods, they do not reside in caves or in darkness, but behind screens, high upon capital and deep, deep in the chaos.

21st Century Battle Hymns is a collection of forty-eight modern poems that live and breathe on their own. These are reflections of our world; questions and reminiscences. They are hymns in praise of what has already left the cliff-edge of time or else in fear of the monsters that crawl up its face.

Time, desire, nostalgia, nature, beauty, society, people and the mind are the elemental threads that bind these verses. A great collection for people who feel beaten, out of place or at war with the modern world.

“When you mix romance, passion, perversity, darkness and trepidation into one, Leveaux is what you get. His roots are in linguistics, which is evident from his poems, the lines of which take your tongue and mind on an adventure.”

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Journal for Horse Lovers | Sketch Book with Journal Prompts” by Erica Glessing

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Journal for Horse Lovers | Sketch Book with Journal Prompts is the perfect notebook for the horse lover of all ages. It’s for equestrians who wish to journal in a notebook. It’s got blank pages with short inspirational prompts created by author Erica Glessing, inspired by her Tennessee Walking Horse. This is a great gift for the horse lover who would like to write in a daily diary or sketch drawings in a notebook. Journaling is easier with thoughtful prompts on each blank sketch book page.

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“Tactics of Lost Minds: Concept Poetry Book” by Tye M.T.

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There is a time for us all when it seems like life is against us. We all experience the messed up nonsense that passes for our existence, as we try to reach the goals we set for ourselves or the success and happiness we desire.

So what do we do? We develop ways around the difficulties and strategies to make sure we get what we want, despite all the diversions and obstacles that are placed in our way, designed to hamper our progress.

This book of poetry, Tactics of The Mind by Tye M.T. is the perfect antidote for an imperfect world that can at times seem to be set against us and is indifferent to our needs or desires.

It is modern heavy lifting for the reader and the intellect…and not so much the power diet for the emotionally overweight and provides a daily dose of dealing with that messed up life thing we know as life.

These poems are written from a young mind, aimed at other young minds who are similarly searching for answers to increasingly complex questions about things that should really be quite simple.

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“Dragon’s Egg ” by S. R. Langley

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13-year-old Roger Briggs has been trained to believe there is no such thing as Magic and has only ever shown interest in his own scientific pursuits, mainly that of studying bugs.


But then a collision with the nature loving, Mary Madam, occurs. This rapidly leads him into adventures he could never have believed possible. And soon, these two seemingly mismatched loners are drawn into a daring rescue and an incredible escape, from the most unbelievable and deadliest forces of evil existing on, or under, Planet Erf: The Psychonomy and the Worm Lords of the Core.


“Science & Law & Nothing More!” This is the Psychonomy’s mantra that Roger and all children are taught in this alternative 1950’s Inglande, where even Science itself is being manipulated by these unseen powers, who are secretly plotting to rule all the hidden Worlds of Planet Erf. Now, Roger must free his mind and wake up – and not only believe in himself – but from here on out – he must – Believe in the Unbelievable!


Does he have the courage and ability to survive and so save the last Dragon’s Egg and its unhatched Dragon Prince? If not, the world, as it truly is – inside and out – will be destroyed!


Dragons Egg is the beginning of an epic adventure story, full of action, intrigue, compelling characters and fantastical imagery. If you’ve enjoyed classic fantasy, ranging from Alice to Aslan, or Pullman to Potter, then you’ll love S. R. Langley’s incredible journey into the deep unknown of the last bastions of Magic on Planet Erf!

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“They Call Me “Black Michael”: My Story of Growing Up in the Racist South” by Dennis Sholesman

This is my account of growing up in the south, and facing racism so granular that my given name was not even good enough as an identifier. Some of the thinking by the folks back then has shaped the actions of racists people now. That’s why innocent joggers get chased down and executed. Why men feel they can stalk and kill a young black kid whether they have authority or not. This must stop, however to stop it we must understand it.

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