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Are you someone who constantly has thoughts, ideas and flashes of inspiration buzzing around your head?
Are they just a jumble of things that don’t mean much and need proper organization?
This book is designed to help you do that!
We are a species of thinkers. We thrive on our thoughts, create amazing things from them, invent, write, draw, paint and a million other things, just from the process of imagination. But all too often we allow these thoughts to congest our minds and leave us frustrated, stressed, or irritated as a result. If that sounds like you and you want to make a change, then start now.
This book, Your Journal, Writing and Drawing Guide: will help you to understand the value of journaling as a therapy, with chapters that cover:

  • The purpose behind journaling
  • 10 outstanding benefits of it for you
  • How it can help with personal growth
  • Tips for beginners
  • How to start drawing in a journal
  • Creative points to remember
  • And lots more…

Journal writing and drawing have been recommended for helping those who overthink and end up stressed because of it. By writing or drawing in your journal it allows you time to think and destress slowly, giving your mind time to process what is going on.
Even 5 minutes of journaling could help when it comes to preparing for study, delivering a presentation, or just getting a good nights sleep. And the creativity behind allowing your thoughts to run free on paper can turn your dreams into reality too, if you allow it.

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