Your Holiness- Your First Gift

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May 22, 2019
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May 24, 2019

“Your Holiness – Your First Gift: Understanding a Most Precious Gift Provided In You” by Maurice Brame

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“Your Holiness — Your First Gift” is presented to Christians around the world.

It starts with a quick look at the nature of God and then, from a biblical perspective, explains the being of man and woman. It then presents how a Christian’s innermost portion of their being, the spirit, is changed with one’s acceptance of Christ.

This change that occurs should affect how all Christians should see themselves, and in turn, how they should relate to other individuals and to the world.

Numerous examples from science and nature are also used to help explain the writer’s view points. Also, while doctrinal arguments are presented, practical suggestions that can be implemented almost immediately are also offered.

To the non-Christian, “Your Holiness — Your First Gift”, can be used to help better explain the belief and value system Christ presents to the world.

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