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December 24, 2021
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December 31, 2021

“Your Habitat: How to Achieve Mindset Freedom and Happiness for Better Marriage and Security” by Chant More

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What’s this Author’s Agenda?

Your freedom of mind. To show you another way to ensure your security in life…at work, in marriage, anywhere This book is for the careful believer. Someone who prefers to control their destiny. It is for someone who is willing to ask the tough questions – and hear the answers. Through this book you will:

1. Learn to think for yourself
2. Understand people in a different light
3. Uncover habits which you have not challenged yet
4. Make key decisions with certainty
After reading this book, do not be surprised if you find yourself adopting a different lifestyle; perhaps making new friends in life.

Your mindset, attitudes, habits, and lifestyle may be set off on a different course after reading this book.

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