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January 14, 2020
January 20, 2020

Who Is Celinda Grey?” by Mr. Aswad

From the projects of Washington, DC, to the runways of Paris, to the boardrooms of Manhattan, this is the story of Celinda Gray.

A young Black girl enters a local beauty contest only to lose but win a bigger prize. Discovered by a Black French photographer on holiday, Celinda is whisked off to Paris, where she’s entered into a models’ finishing school and immediately appears on magazine covers and runways throughout Europe!

After giving birth to twins, she comes off the runway to return to America after the death of her parents. Buying a half interest in a failing fashion magazine, she runs afoul of the racist owner who only partners with her for her money.
Who is Celinda Gray is more about questions than answers. Will she fall in love? Who is that strange man stalking her? Will she reconcile with her gay son? And where is her daughter?

Enter the exciting, fast-paced, fashion-filled world of Celinda Gray.

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