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June 6, 2019
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June 9, 2019

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“White Blazing: An American Pilgrimage” by Steven Koss

This is an account of one man’s journey of self-discovery on the longest foot path in the world, The Appalachian Trail. Beginning in Georgia with crazy thoughts of hiking to Maine by fall, alone, on foot, through the weather, the terrain, the setbacks, and struggle, to find what was missing in his life. He carried only what he could fit into his pack, life’s essentials, food, shelter, water, and clothes. The emotional, physical, and spiritual metamorphosis that consummated on this ancient range is transcribed through print here. The people he encountered, towns he visited, and beauty of the mountains paint a picture that is America. Without the stress, pressure, and noise of society he was able to experience true freedom. At times in our lives one is often lost, our mind churns with what if’s and how comes, the AT lets humans quiet these voices and then reveals the strength, divinity, and passion we all possess.

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