Warwick Coven

Japanese and Algerian Cuisine
March 15, 2019
March 20, 2019

“Warwick Coven: The Royals” by Cynthia Vazquez

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What happens when you combine magic, jealously, love, hatred and betrayal? Roman Stuart, who is next in line for his father’s throne, is jealous of his younger brother Cyrus. King Thomas is going to name Cyrus his successor and the brothers know it. Cyrus decides to leave Whitestone Manor and live as a normal man, but he was anything but normal. Their lineage is cursed due to his grandfather’s actions. Cyrus falls in love with a Elizabeth Black, who in turns falls in love with him. Their love is forbidden. They have 3 daughters, Cymantha and Cylene are twins and Cyrena. They live a calm happy life. But will their secrets destroy what they work so hard to build together?

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