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January 22, 2020
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February 5, 2020

“Vance Brothers” by Dottie Lake

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Come and discover the seemingly quaint town of Echo Village, Vermont. Where everything is not quite how it appears. What will you find in this small town nestled amongst the Green Mountains? What is it about the town and the people that inspire love, hide dark desires, and hold life threatening secrets?

In Book 1 of this passionate and gripping series ‘Emma’s Heart’ we meet Emma Jones and the ruggedly handsome Sheriff Macklin Vance.

Emma makes a daring escape from an abusive husband. Weary and alone, she takes refuge in Echo Village, working at the local Inn. When Sheriff Macklin Vance comes to her rescue one night, her life changes forever.

Now, when lies are revealed, secrets exposed and lives threatened, will they survive? Will Emma and Mac get a chance at happiness or will the past doom their future?

Emma and Mac’s story continues alongside Laurel King and Jackson Vance’s in Book 2 of the series, ‘Laurel’s Love’. Here we learn of Laurel and Jackson’s history.

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