Trouble: A Yo Becham Mystery

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December 15, 2020
Fall of Titan (Realm Book 1)
December 24, 2020

“Trouble: A Yo Becham Mystery” by Jack Burbank 

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With a mass shooting at a tucked-away, Myrtle Beach area church the night before Yo Becham leaves for Thailand to visit his girlfriend, F.B.I. Chief Inspector, James Kelly, arrives ready to make a name for himself. But with no clues and pressure from high up, he clings to any remote possibility for a solution. Soon he focuses on Yo, a writer-wanna-be who’s feeding ideas to the investigating team and mysteriously left the country hours after the shooting. If Yo could be there to defend himself, things might quiet down. But he somehow got himself entangled in a Russian mob effort to move in on his girlfriends family business in Patong and needs to look out for them – and himself, before coming back.

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