Titanic Kid Servants

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September 19, 2022
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December 11, 2022

“Titanic Kid Servants” by J.B. Pearls

No one knew for sure what happened to the Kid Servants in uniform aboard the R.M.S. Titanic on that fateful April morning of 1912.

It wasn’t until decades later when the two history buffs named Matt and Margret met and boarded an Emerald cruise tribute tour by chance. In this outing, they found out what happened to the missing boys. Margret’s electromagnetic field detector sensed several paranormal activities inside the ship. When Matt doubted the existence of ghosts, Margret persuaded him that they exist and several were with them in the ship. But why were the bellboys after Matt and Margret? What was in a letter Matt was asked to deliver to someone named Archie?

This book was a revised version of the original book, titled, ‘Dead Servants Letter – An Untold Story of the Bellboys from Titanic Past’

This is a Titanic Book novel for mystery romance thriller and fictional romance readers.  Recommended for age range teens and young adults.

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