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August 28, 2019
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September 4, 2019

“This Woman: Being Authentically You, Driven and Always Winning” by Michelle Margaret Marques

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How did a wee Glaswegian girl from a council estate with a big dream go through some of the most challenging, painful and abusive life experiences anyone can imagine, including childhood sexual abuse and almost dying and still go all the way to reinventing her life and creating the life she truly wants?

It all began with…

Well you’ll just have to buy the book to find out (giggle)

However, let me give you a wee peek.

This Woman is a deeply personal story of the life I have lived and my journey to truly belonging to myself, and it inspires you to do the same.

An inspiring, powerful and intimate story that invites you into my world and share in the experiences that have shaped me, from my childhood in Glasgow to building my life and creating some of my desires (I’m not done yet, smile)

With shocking honesty and humour, I take you on a journey from my child abuse, near-death experience, loss of my hero (My Mum) being in prison and much much more, to the birth of who I am today.

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