This Too Shall Pass

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February 6, 2022
May you BE Healthy
February 12, 2022

“This Too Shall Pass… ” by Marisa Billions

Cynical and sardonic Eva Brooks ponders what it would take to be satisfied in life.

She fights against familial expectations, societal constraints, and her own desires. Landing herself in an unsatisfying marriage and conventional life, Eva realizes that she is gloomier than ever.

A reunion with Riley, the woman of her dreams, changes her life forever.

A future of happiness hovers on the horizon, beckoning her, calling her forever forwards.

Then reality strikes and it hits hard.

Doug, Eva’s ex-husband, is not going to let Eva walk away easily. Just when Eva thinks she has it all, he puts their son in the care of his new wife, Lucy, a controlling, abusive and ever angry woman.

After trying unsuccessfully to protect her son via orthodox methods, life, and death, take a twist.

A ghostly turn of events has Eva trying to decide to what lengths she will go to protect her child.

Can Eva use her haunting new ability to help her son?

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