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February 27, 2019
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March 2, 2019

“The Vig (Rector Street Series Book 1)” by John Nuckel

“We facilitate financial transactions for a fee. That is what we call the Vig.”

The most corrupt decade in Wall Street history was a good time to steal a little bit of money from a lot of people.

Meet Frank McGinley. He has a penchant for vodka and a head for numbers. As an equity options specialist on the American Stock Exchange, he discovers a scam which diverts small amounts from thousands of trading accounts into the pockets of a con man. Forty grand in an envelope is passed to him across the table. It may be enough to make Frank look the other way.

Before he decides to cash the check or tear it up, he’s caught up in a federal investigation of a Ponzi schemer with a violent flair.

Frank is soon pitted against a seductive assassin and a corrupt federal agent who both want him dead.

To survive Frank will have to think like the killers. Take it to them and risk a bullet to the head, since in the dark corners down town deals are made with a threat and broken with a gun.

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