August 5, 2021
Is He A Hero
August 11, 2021

“The Sound of Sirens” by David Carter

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It’s Friday night, midsummer, hot and humid, and the weekend starts here. Girls out on the town wearing short skirts and tight jeans. Hot guys looking for mischief and fun. Sparks are bound to fly.

A young man enters a crowded bar, makes his way through the heaving bodies to the small stage, pulls out a gun, and fires four shots into the lead singer of the band.

Girls scream, guys take bloody pics to slam up on their Bookface page, and no one who witnessed it will ever forget it.

So begins “The Sound of Sirens”, a case for Inspector Walter Darriteau and the team. He lives close by and he’s there in minutes. A drug deal gone wrong, you reckon? Could be, but there’s much more to it than that.

Friday night and the weekend starts here… with a cold-blooded murder.

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