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May 22, 2020
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May 29, 2020

The Simeonite King” by J van Berkel

In a land known as Ramoth, there is a kingdom called Cavendish, first ruled almost a thousand years ago by the great King Simeon. If the legends are to be believed, he was a giant with fantastic strength, who wielded a legendary magical sword of immense power – and in his wake, cast a shadow so great, it catalyzed generations of equally marvelous kings since.

Today, the thirty-ninth King of Cavendish – the well-loved King Asher, lies on his deathbed, poisoned by an unknown fiend. His young, handsome, mischievous son – Prince Carmi, sits beside him despondent and in disbelief – he is but 13 years of age.

Follow the tale of young Prince Carmi, as he goes on an epic quest to retrieve King Simeon’s magical sword, claim his right to the throne, and vanquish the brutes that threaten the wellbeing of his land and people.

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