July 2, 2019
Tales from the Forest
July 7, 2019

“THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH: Lucy O’Connor goes on a hen weekend and meets the man of her absolute dreams…” by Lyndsey Gallagher

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Twenty-seven-year-old Lucy O’Connor has been asked to be her future sister-in-law’s bridesmaid despite the fact they don’t see eye to eye. The last thing she expected was to fall in love with a complete stranger at the hen weekend. Which wouldn’t be a problem apart from the teeny tiny fact that she’s already married to somebody else…

Is it a case of the Seven-Year-Itch or could it be the real deal? Lucy needs to decide if she is going to leave the security of her stale marriage in order to find out if the grass is indeed greener on the other side, or whether it’s worth having one more go at watering her own garden.

Could this party-loving, city girl really leave the country she loves for a farmer from the West of Ireland?

Is there such a thing as fate?

What about karma?

Is John Kelly all that he seems?

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