The Return Journey

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November 2, 2022
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January 25, 2023

“The Return Journey” by Eileen Bird

Historical Fiction set in Yorkshire 1927 through to 1948. Maggie Johnson refuses to believe that her father would willingly abandon her and her siblings. Especially not after the death of her mother.Something must have happened perhaps, an accident. Her grandmother Alice Fletcher, begs to differ. She has always known that her son-in-law is a good-for-nothing man! With a heavy heart, Alice makes a tough decision, one that will alter the rest of Maggie’s life. Alice makes arrangements for Maggie and her siblings to be sent to Green Bank Institute, a home for orphaned and abandoned children. Once there, Maggie is subjected to constant abuse. Eventually, she snaps and retaliates. To punish her, she is sent to a detention centre. It will be decades before Maggie sees her family again. Alone in the world, Maggie must learn to fend for herself and survive.

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