The Perfect Husband List

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April 16, 2021
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April 22, 2021

“The Perfect Husband List” by E. Broom

If the man of your dreams has a laundry list of changes you need to make before the wedding… would you?

George Edwards is excited to propose to his boyfriend of six years and build a family with him, but the answer is no… well, a yes with conditions: lose weight, buy new clothes, get a new job, change his friends, and buy a new house.

George has a year to change for his boyfriend—maybe fiancé.

But does George want to change everything about himself?

James Henderson has been in love with George since the day they met five years ago. When he finds out about the list to turn him into the perfect husband, he vows to help George any way he can, but only if George wants to make the changes for himself and no-one else.

Can James convince George that he’s perfect just the way he is? After all, a year is a long time, and anything can happen in a year.

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