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May 24, 2019
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May 28, 2019

“The Perfect Cushion: Based On Real Events” by Emerald Wilson-Bey 

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In this riveting tale, based on real events, four young adults embark on a journey through the facets, of the angle, they learned about their real lives! Beauty is her name, 5″5, mullato, fit, long curly hair, green eyes and intelligent. Tessa is the apple of her father’s eye growing up, she even went on to graduate on time, and start a career of her own. Tessa is a tender soul, always had dreams of being a housewife and having a big family. Dennis is Tessa’s brother, his Dad’s understudy, or should I say, shadow! 6″0, 180 pounds, chiseled, green eyes, smooth shaven, close hair cut, he should have been a model! But he is far too intellectually confident, for that, so he reserves his looks for the ladies. Dennis wants nothing more than to fill his Dad’s notable shoes, and would do anything it took, to make that happen. Then there is Whitney, Tessa’s best friend, also of mixed descent, she and Tessa were often perceived as sisters, nicknamed “The Curly” in college, coming from a competitive family of tennis players, executives and social royalty, Whitney wants to add another notch to their belt, setting her sights on Broadway! Lastly, is Devin, Tessa’s unforgettable, on again, off again, boyfriend. Devin is the only child of two computer software developers, who can never seem, to turn off his heart for Tessa! Devin’s goal is money, he doesn’t care where it comes from, all he knows, is he wants it!

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