Emerging Butterfly: A Memoir
March 21, 2020
March 25, 2020

The Murder Page” by Sam Allen

The quiet, seaside town of Exeter holds a secret.

Sarah England has the perfect life working as a reporter alongside her photographer boyfriend, Daniel Olsson.

When an uncredited press release arrives on her desk telling of the torture and eventual murder of an obnoxious TV celebrity, Rob Vader, Sarah springs into action.

Initial inquiries reveal the scoop to be nothing more than an inelegant hoax: Rob Vader is fine.

Three days later, the TV celebrity goes missing, and the events begin to unravel exactly the way the note foretold.

It’s a race against time as Sarah fights to stay one step ahead of the murderer. Can Sarah uncover the secrets of the mystery press release, or will she soon be writing about the murder of Exeter’s most famous celebrity?

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