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February 14, 2019
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February 19, 2019

“The Moral Now: A Martial Art of Parenting” by Brett Jordan

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Brett Jordan, B.Msc., MSW, RSW, is a Registered Social Worker and Ordained Minister. In “The Moral Now,” he reflects on timeless philosophies of self-mastery while drawing special insight from his own personal experiences and struggles as a father of young children. By thoughtfully weaving together a fun collection of Eastern and Western principles on personal wisdom and meditative self-discipline, this book arms today’s distracted parent with a brand of awareness that is desperately needed in our rapidly-shifting world. In many senses, this book is the essential guide for the modern parent who is seeking to reclaim their true foundation as a spiritual being. Part memoir, part essay, part spiritual manifesto for a digitally-drenched social era, this unusual book will inspire today’s busy parent in their sincere pursuit of life’s greatest offering – higher consciousness and centered living. With current insights into the emerging worlds of self-mastery and mindfulness, “The Moral Now” reveals powerful methods for finding and maintaining ultimate well-being while drawing sincere inspiration directly from parenting itself. It takes the reader on a candid journey of deep exposure into some of the decidedly messier elements of family life, ultimately revealing why the commonly-dismissed task of raising children actually offers us one of most singular and pristine opportunities for higher development in a person.

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