The Memoir That Makes You Go Mmm

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March 15, 2021
April 7, 2021

The Memoir That Makes You Go Mmm” by B. Jane Turnquest

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Mckenzie-Morgan has an odd fascination, and from this she mastered a skill that involves manipulating most of her sentences with her favorite consonant.  As you read her memoir, for multiple reasons (awed, doubtful, meditative and maybe because you can taste scrumptious food in your mind), you will certainly go mmm.

There are the matters of: a manifestation or two, mouth-watering menus, memory verses, a misfit, middle-school moments and mix-ups, and the most monumental matter that is so improbable, it’s called a miracle.

Grab a dictionary, bookmark it right in the middle and get to know this quirky, original, delightful character.

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