The Fae Shifters Omnibus

Dance of Blades
June 2, 2022
Little Book of Riddles
June 9, 2022

“The Fae Shifters Omnibus: Books 1-4” by Madilynn Dale

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A coming-of-age story filled with fantasy, adventure, and romance.

Liz thinks she is a typical woman working herself into the ground. After taking a leap of faith for a better life she moves to her grandmother’s old cabin. Things are going swell until she uncovers the family secret hidden in the woods.

As her world is turned upside down, she finds herself holding a position of power in the local mountain lion shifter clan and then as a princess of the Fae. Enemies seem to lurk in every corner from a jealous sibling to a power-hungry ancient being.

Follow along in the first four books of the Fae Shifters series as Liz, her mates, and her friends, fight to bring peace and balance to the realms.

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