The Deviant

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July 5, 2022
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July 10, 2022

“The Deviant” by Adam Sommers

The Deviant is the story of a sex-crazed female control freak who delights in drugging young men and manipulating them into satisfying her sick needs. Jayne is the rich well-connected editor of a large newspaper, and she uses her position to take advantage of her ambitious reporters. In a way, The Deviant is the Harvey Weinstein story turned on its head.
Here, the woman is the abuser and the male victims, particularly a new addition to the
staff named Eric, are the prey. Any attempt to bring Jayne to justice would
have little hope of success because no one would believe the men – and even if
they did, she has the police and prosecutors in her pocket. How then can these
guys get justice?
Simply put, they can’t. However, Eric comes up with a plan that will ruin Jayne financially
and publicly humiliated her as a sexual deviant. But only if it works.

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