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March 1, 2021
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March 6, 2021

“The Big Hedge: How to AI-Proof Yourself” by Abhay Gupta and Norman Sam

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The disruption started by the digitization of information and advances in communication is entering the second phase. From automation of processes, the companies are moving towards intelligent software that can help them make better decisions or more ambitiously, towards the artificial intelligence based system that can make decisions for them. This book argues that despite the hype, most organizations are not ready for that leap where robots or software guided by AI models and algorithms can replace the employees. “The Bid Hedge” describes how thinking about quantifying input (in terms of time as well as quality) and output of employees can help improve organizational efficiency. The basic requirements for being AI-ready are the same as having a system in place that improves itself based on benchmark wisdom, best practices and activity-outcome data.

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