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June 5, 2019
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the backseat: What Happens in the “backseat” by J.R. Edwin

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What do you do when college girls get naked in the back of your car?

How do you deal with unruly or even dangerous passengers?

Millions of people have turned to using rideshare companies for their everyday travel to work, business meetings, getting home from nights out and a hundred other day to day needs. And as you can probably imagine, there are millions of back stories that accompany those rides, some funny, some sad and some that are just plain crazy.

In this book, The Backseat, drivers of rideshares impart some of their more unusual tales that are guaranteed to make you laugh, yell and wonder what the heck goes through some people’s minds.
From two college girls changing in the back seat and discussing their plans for their night in graphic detail, to the dangers posed by carjackers and the kindness of strangers, the stories offer a snapshot of life at its wackiest and what it’s like when you’re behind the wheel and dealing with it.

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