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May 12, 2020
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May 16, 2020

“Tenacious Trudy” by Jo Grafford

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Dr. Rory Jude is tired of coming in second — second in his father’s affections, second-in-line to run the family business, and the second choice of the lady he is courting who always seems to have her eye on a wealthier suitor. He responds to an advert to open his own medical practice in Arizona, determined to change his stars, and finds himself in a town desperately short of marriageable women. Until a chance encounter with a mail-order bride agency owner opens his eyes to new possibilities…

Convinced she is destined for greater things, Trudy Crandall skips her debutante season in lieu of attending the Boston School of Nursing. When her family pressures her to enter an arranged marriage following her graduation, she pleads with the Boomtown Mail Order Brides Company to help her take control of her destiny. To her surprise, they claim to have the perfect groom in mind to make all her wishes come true!

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