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April 30, 2020
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May 2, 2020

“Tell Your Story and Save the World: Aspects and Dimensions in Personal and Family History” by James Michael

How the world will look in the future is a question that has always intrigued many experts and futurists. Although it is difficult to predict what is ahead of us, the greatest progress can be made by humans. Every single person can contribute largely to the overall advancement of mankind.Everything is a question of the right perspective. Tell Your Story and Save the World explores the question of how much the human experience of each person can contribute to improving the quality of human life in various aspects. A key idea is the use of the aspects and dimensions of a person’s life. The book also explores the business of personal history and management of personal and family history projects. For those ready to embark on a personal or family history project, the book provides a comprehensive process description for a variety of project types including video, multimedia, cookbooks, audio, and books.The book examines the perspectives that contribute to the many dimensions of our lives: historical, cultural, familial, medical, moral and more. Everyone has life experiences and knowledge of events in their community and the world at large. Their perspective on those events, their experiences, and their life will be a treasure trove to those who find it many years hence.Tell your story, the world is listening. The author presents a holistic approach that encourages an individual to explore their whole experience and thus achieve a complete understanding of their life and place in the world.

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