Swinging Surprise

September 12, 2020
The Phoenix Reborn
September 23, 2020

“Swinging Surprise: The True Story of a Couple Trying Out Swinging” by Alex Long, Courtney Long

(Alex and Courtney Adventures Book 1)

| Book 2 |

This is the true story (names changed to protect the wicked) of a happily married couple who decide to dabble in swinging. Alex and Courtney take their first tentative steps, feeling their way into swinging and meet some interesting people along the way. Boundaries are pushed, adventures unfold and trembling ecstasy is found. It’s all part of the Swinging Surprise!

“This is the most honest book I’ve ever read on Swinging. The book originates in a blog by Alex and Courtney Long (swingingsurprise.com). In this book, Alex and Courtney decide to try out swinging and we follow their hesitant steps. There is adult adventure, interesting people and mind blowing sex! It’s all part of the Swinging Surprise!”

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