Standing Out

March 27, 2019
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March 28, 2019

“Standing Out: a Cross-Cultural Journey of Self-Discovery” by Angela Lee Chen

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A deeply human story of growing up Chinese in Kenya

“It held my interest from cover to cover.” – Qat Wanders, editor and bestselling author.

Poignant and wry, Standing Out is, at heart, a profoundly human story that explores the nature of belonging and finding one’s place in the world.

Angela was born in New York City to Chinese parents. At the age of three, the family relocated to Kenya in East Africa for her father’s UN job, where she grew up surrounded by international expats’ children and traveled with her parents on home leave to China every two years.

The loss of a brother when only seven, and her parents going on to adopt two more, made for an ever-changing family dynamic. With a quiet, authoritarian father and a distant mother, she learned early to find affirmation outside the home. She flourished academically, graduating with a biology degree from Yale and a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The sudden death of her father caused a major shift in her life as she inherited the care of her mother’s Alzheimer’s.

Through life’s inevitable turns, Angela’s resilience and love of people show through.

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