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April 20, 2020
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April 24, 2020

“Self Discipline: Build Mental Strength and Willpower, Overcome Procrastination, Achieve Your Goals, and Become a Better You” by Jon Williams

Change your life by building self-control and self-discipline.

There is always something in your life that you need to work on or towards achieving. You could be working towards a job promotion, working hard to increase your business sales to 50% from 30%, trying to tone your abdomen or anything else of a similar nature. Whatever goal(s) you may have, to achieve it, you need to put in the extra effort. For example, you have to prioritize your tasks, manage your temptations, avoid distractions, work hard, and stay focused on the end goal, all of which are only possible when you have self-discipline.

Self-discipline is about conquering yourself because when you completely master yourself, you can pay attention to what matters and ignore everything that does not. By doing this, you can keep your goal in sight and ensure that you move seamlessly toward its achievement. Nurturing self-discipline is challenging; matter of fact, self-discipline is something many of us struggle to practice. This ultimate self-discipline blueprint intends to simplify the discipline-mastery process for you. In this book, you will learn actionable and proven techniques you can use to build willpower, mental strength, and grit so that you overcome your urge to procrastinate and focus better on your goals so that you actualize them in your life. Head over to the first chapter and start the journey that leads towards the fulfillment of all your dreams, desires, aspirations and ambitions.

Here are some examples of what you’ll learn by reading this book.

  • Learn how to set clear goals with clear intentions
  • Learn how to eliminate negative habits
  • Create effective action plans to reach your goals
  • Learn how to manage your time and get more done in less time.

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