Secret Spiritual Behavior Mysteries

Queen of Ruin
February 25, 2021
Gaining Christ
February 28, 2021

“Secret Spiritual Behavior Mysteries: Unnerving Spiritual Behavior Discoveries” by Andrea L. Chapman M.A.

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They live among us, holding positions of social power. From spiritual leaders to civil activists, they are men and women of great influence. In them we place our hopes for the future.

And we are wrong.

Beneath their surface, evil lurks. Unspeakable acts are being done to the poor, unfortunate souls they pretend to serve. Driven by agendas only they understand, with the justice system at their absolute disposal, they are nigh untouchable.

But new powers are rising to challenge their secret reign. Groups who use…unorthodox methods to bring justice to the underprivileged. And within these groups exist a select few, gifted with mysterious and extraordinary abilities to do the impossible. The question is, will their combined powers be enough to tip the balance?

Lose yourself from the very first page of this captivating story! Witness the true cost of justice and how ordinary men and women change the world in extraordinary ways…when they’re brave enough to answer the call.

This is one tale of good, evil, dark agendas, faith, and the power inside of us you don’t want to miss! Uncover the shocking truth behind the biggest lie in human history. Read Secret Spiritual Behavior Mysteries today!

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