Santa’s Last Stand

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March 27, 2019
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March 29, 2019

“Santa’s Last Stand” by Jacob Halstead

From popular self-published author and acclaimed writer Jacob Halstead. Get ready to experience the bloodiest battle the North Pole has ever seen and find out what it will take for Santa to fend off endless hordes of werewolves hell-bent on destroying the last good thing left in the world – Christmas.

Immerse yourself in the role of a young fairy who must protect the world by spreading joy and goodwill once a year – you might know him as Santa.

In this page-turning, bloody, horror spin on a classic tale, you will meet a seemingly ordinary, young Santa – Nikolai Klaus who lives in the North Pole with his elves and reindeer until one fateful night when he’s unexpectedly brought down by a massive storm. Little did he know, that night would change his life forever as an ancient old enemy of his was lurking in the shadows of the forests. Santa is attacked and saves the life of a little boy – Alexandre.

Out of the chaos and mayhem of that dark night, the child and Santa bonded. Santa never spoke about the event until the boy turned 13 when Santa realized the werewolves were going to come again, sooner or later. The boy had to be prepared for the day the werewolves came back, and Santa knew that very well.

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