December 12, 2019
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December 18, 2019

“Roro Goes Around the World” by S. Vito Neshev

Roro is a parrot from a small village in Brazil, who dreams about exploring the world. He is eager to discover their favorite things to do and to try them together. The journey takes our curious parrot through fifteen diverse countries on four continents, where he meets local animals and picks up what they have to offer – from playing ball with red kangaroos in Australia to having lunch with a family of brown bears in Russia and swimming with a dolphin in Greece. Every country includes numbers, colors, animals, vehicles, geography, an ecosystem, and healthy activity, making it a gourmet offering for the curious soul. With his background in direct response marketing and sales, the author also includes an almost invisible but powerful layer as a bonus, which he calls the “Bond with my child method”.

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