January 20, 2020
Vance Brothers
February 4, 2020

Rising Chaos: A Fantasy Romance Adventure (Paldimori Gods Rising Book 3)” by T.L. Callahan

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Lia Davies should be settling into bonded bliss with her sexy demi-god boyfriend Bennett Young—the powerful leader of the Paldimori—but she’s finding out that life as a Chosen is, well, chaotic. Haunted by the loss of her friendship with Dia King and the quest to find the twin Houses of the Olympian Omàda, her new-found powers are more out of control than ever.

A trip to Prometheus, the hidden city of the House of Chaos, should provide the downtime Lia needs to figure out her next move. Instead, she finds herself trapped as a Kyrion-in-training under the reluctant guidance of Bennett’s adviser and childhood friend. A woman who is everything that Lia is not. As Lia struggles to find her place in this demanding world filled with ancient traditions, dark truths begin to surface about the death of her parents and the man she loves. Lia will have to choose between the path she knows and one that could set her on a collision course with the one person she never thought possible.

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