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May 9, 2019
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May 12, 2019

“Puppy Training: Top 10 Ideas For Training Your Dog Within A Month To Keep Everybody In Your House Happy And Stress Free” by JD Coach

This book has 10 powerful ideas on how to train your puppy or dog in as little as a month to keep everybody in your house happy and stress free.

Owning a pet, training it, and seeing it grow into an obedient and valuable member of the family is very fulfilling.

The idea of taking a puppy home, acclimatizing it to its new home, caring for it, potty training it, and teaching it how to obey your commands is likely to fill you and your family—especially if you have kids—with lots of excitement, which is great but…
Training your puppy is a very involved process. It requires a detailed plan, loads of patience, and a god-like level of focus and consistency. This guide takes you by the hand and using very detailed prompts, shows you how to train your puppy or dog within a month. By design, the ideas and strategies discussed in this guide are actionable and very easy to implement.

Worth noting: Compared to hiring a professional dog trainer, personally training your puppy is much more effective and fun. In addition to being effective and fun, personally training your puppy establishes you as the alpha, which makes it easier for your puppy or dog to obey you and to integrate well into the home environment.

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