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May 23, 2020
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June 2, 2020

“Practical Mindfulness: Meditations to reduce stress, improve mental health and sleep better” by Michelle Laurent

Do you often feel like your thoughts are pacing ahead of you? Do your thoughts spiral into a black hole of anxiety filled with worries of the future or regrets from the past? If this sounds eerily like you, you might not want to miss this.

Practical Mindfulness reveals, in a lucid form – the most pragmatic approach to mindfulness and meditations. Deeply rooted in the teachings of the Buddha, mindfulness, and meditations can bring that sense of calm and peace that you have been missing from your life. And that is the simplest key to unlock the secret to a healthy life.

In the book Practical Mindfulness, Michelle Laurent teaches you how to:

  • Calm your wandering mind
  • Deal with anxiety
  • Get complete control of yourself
  • Deal with stressful situations to the point that they don’t bother you anymore
  • Inculcate an overall sense of well-being

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