Menace to Society
August 16, 2021
Discovering Your God Self
August 24, 2021

“Pickle Seed: Discovering the power Inside you” by Timothy Cummins

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This book will allow you to understand how your every thought creates what happens next in your life. It is an inspirational story of two best friends, eighth grade boys and one could be dying. It is a story of a grandpa that understands how God and the universe work, how everything fits together and is all part of one. How everything is truly perfect. Using this understanding the grandpa helps one of the boys find his way through the tough times while his friend is in the hospital. This story will kick off a new way for you to see life and help you learn to make everything go the way you wish. It will help you live in total peace. It will teach you that life doesn’t just “happen” to you.

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