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September 9, 2020
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“OFFICE POOL: Orientation” by DL Blackburne

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Arty is an ink pen. Thrown into the fast-paced office environment, he needs to learn and adapt quickly. Can he do it, or will he end up in the bin?

Office Pool is the coming of age story of an underachieving ink pen named Arthur “Arty” Bickerson. Arty’s unique journey is chronicled as he must quickly navigate the vast differences between the complexities of his new life and responsibilities in “The Office” and life on the home desktop.

More than just a pen, Arty is mentored along the way by his childhood guardian and coworker Stan Sharply. As Arty gets orientated to his new role he experiences so many highs and lows, with Stan there to help Arty navigate it all.

With humans set as the backdrop, these common everyday writing utensils each with unique personalities deal with family, friendship, success, love, peer jealousy, classism, along with high expectations, greed and self-doubt.

Office Pool is a family friendly witty tale set in a small fictional world of adventure.

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