More in to my pen

Becoming Barker
October 24, 2021
I Adore You
October 29, 2021

“More in to my pen” by Moorish Blue

A bouquet of poems, gifts of vulnerability, a dance of words, search for sanity, trials and tribulations of oversensitivity, an attempt to understand love and life in general.

Vulnerability is a bane, it’s like having no armor to defend yourself, and facing the world, where your feelings take you on a rollercoaster ride.

My vulnerability and oversensitivity have taken me 44 years to understand. The only upside I had was that I could use words to observe the world around me and express myself.

There is a window, that the other world opens inside your heart and soul, where words blend inside you and express themselves poetically on paper. Its a dance of words, which sequentially makes sense to mean something which one wants to express. This is a bouquet, of poems, written by me that are diverse and simple.

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