Dilemma of an Immigrant Accent
May 17, 2022
Rainbow Mountain
May 27, 2022

“Momma’s Love” by Queen Carm

Momma’s Love is a story of a girl in need of her mother’s love. Generational cycles fall onto a young mother, intensifying her own choices and hardships. From the daughter’s eyes, the point of view determines whether this chain will be broken for future generations.

Khloe has always felt alone and unwanted; misunderstood by her mother and abandoned by her father. Craving attention and to be heard by her mother. Witnessing firsthand her mother’s examples and poor decisions, she makes discoveries and learns about herself. Khloe will learn how to overcome her childhood traumas.

Khloe embarks on a journey full of unanswered questions and confusing emotions. So much unknown internal pain and anger to overcome before she begins her journey as a young woman. With a lack of guidance, Khloe strives to succeed to become different from her mother, facing many challenges as a young woman and teenage mother herself.

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