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October 12, 2019
The Heart Test That Could Save Your Life
October 15, 2019

Mission Possible” by Willem van Esch

Willem van Esch has written a book that takes us on a mission.

And the deeper level this book delivers is the real gold. It is a field manual you can follow for your own life, so it’s one of those books you soon know you’re going to read again … once for pleasure and inspiration, but the next time as a clearly-written series of systems and practices to follow. Love that arises when you learn to be all-in and one with your mission.

You want that? It’s here in this radiant book by Willem van Esch. He coaches and consults with people in his day-to-day life, but we who enjoy this book are grateful that he has taken time from that mission to coach us so powerfully from the pages of this book. – Steve Chandler

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