Messenger: When the Raven Calls, Listen!

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October 2, 2019
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October 10, 2019

“Messenger: When the Raven Calls, Listen!” by Erika M Szabo

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A supernatural thriller.
Lauren has everything she’d ever wished for. Great career, financial security, loving husband, and devoted friends.
When her Raven spirit guide warns her of impending danger, she takes the omen seriously, but she doesn’t have enough time to perform the protection spell her grandmother taught her. Someone breaks into her office and after the brutal attack and the Raven’s repeated warnings, she knows her life is in danger.
Who wants her dead and why?

Harbinger of danger, the Raven calls
Omen of perils that will befall
Ignoring its warning, does not bode well
Time of the essence, cast protection spell
Kraa from the oak, flapping black feather wings
Her heart knows the message it brings
~Cindy J. Smith

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