Jake and the Pandemic
August 13, 2021
Pickle Seed
August 20, 2021

“Menace to Society: How to Cause Trouble and Get Away with It” by J.J. Pescayserie

It is time to get life back into society by having a lot of fun and causing a little trouble. Time for the young to learn how to plan and pull off pranks, run, hide, and live a full life. Time to learn what to do to avoid being caught or landing in more trouble. Time to learn skills and techniques that mold them into responsible, reliable, and innovative people Yes, time to have fun, enjoy adventures and develop into people that society is proud of.

Why would you want to live a boring life? Come out and have some adventure, have fun, make friends, and learn life skills as you cause a little trouble to society. Sometimes, it is the discomfort that brings society alive. Be part of it!

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