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November 19, 2020
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December 4, 2020

Love Bites” by  Liza Miles

Seven Short Stories exploring the ups and the downs of relationships that will make you laugh, wonder and cry!  A touch of Bridget Jones Diary with a hint of Agatha Christie.  The short Stories are ideal for travel, bedtime, or a short self care moment with a nice cuppa or your favourite libation. If you enjoy slice of life stories, Love Bites is the perfect guilt free treat. Seven short stories about romantic relationships between men and women, friends, families and women and women. The protagonists are from different ages, and places, but they have one thing in common, love.

Relationships are complicated. Is there ever really such a thing as happy ever after? Each of the stories explore the complexity of the question, what is true love. The stories vary from whimsical to dark with shades of light and humour.

In Grace, we meet the protagonist starting life over. Grace ponders what she learned about her past and how she will choose to move forward.

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