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April 15, 2019
April 19, 2019

“Living with Angels – 52 Week Journey of Peace, Miracles and Healing” by Shilpa M Menon

We may all have experienced help from an angel, although not all of us will immediately recognize that as such. Simple and everyday moments can often be put down to luck or chance when we don’t examine them in any detail, but what about the big things? The miracles?
The fact is that angels’ dwell among us and are responsible for much of the good that happens and in this book, you will discover much about them, and yourself, in chapters that include:
Angelic communications and signs, Daily guidance, Gratitude, Energy shielding, Cord cutting, Releasing energies of psychic attack, Prayers, And much more…
With 52 individual, short chapters, you be guided towards finding your own inner light, intuitions and becoming heart centric, imbibing the qualities of angels and becoming your own Human Angel to create a better planet.

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