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August 20, 2020
August 22, 2020

“Living For Real: A seniors guide to living the life you deserve, NOW!” by Thom McFadden

Living for REAL: Getting You to Be Your Best!! This is a guide to living the life you deserve. Living for REAL empowers you with strategies and techniques specifically designed to regain Balance, Observation, and being in the Present (BOP), and the ability to observe your habitual behavior. It provides a system and exercises that allow you to focus yourself in the present, and learn how to empower yourself to better your future. Using the Creative Wheel of Excellence, you will learn to develop characters that promote wellness and balance in all areas of your life. Discover a multi-faceted solution that focuses on improving your self-esteem, attitudes and beliefs to improve your overall wellness. Living for REAL satisfies a sizable need for balance, observation, and being in the present, a healing bridge between the mind and the body – that WORKS!

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