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July 15, 2020
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July 21, 2020

“Leadership: 3 Key Secrets of How to Get an Outstanding Performance in the Workplace in Times of Hardships” by Rolando Cooper

Discover the 3 Mostly Overlooked Secrets for an Outstanding Performance in Times of Hardships

This book is about bettering your leadership skills in the workplace and life, but specifically through promoting the high performance of your teamwork and getting results along with it. Readers could apply this 3 secrets principles to every aspects of their lifes. Since we are living a world that is claiming for leaders to emerge in this time of pandemic hardship.

What that means is that to promote good performance in any organization and life in general, leaders should understand, that results are driven by a byproduct of talent, support and motivation of your teams.

I would like readers to understand the importance of communicating their missions to their teamwork, that the “why” is more important than “what” to do, as a motivation driver. And with that simple step performance will increase significantly, as well as, the importance of coaching as a strategy to create and build talent for the organization. Also, I want readers to learn that if teams do not have the support on things they require to perform their job, that will affect their performance in the workplace and in life.

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