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August 5, 2019
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August 11, 2019

“Jumping the Train: An Extraordinary True Story” by Dr. Dina V. Avery

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The patriarch of the village of Rushing Spring and Ketona requested that their oral history not come to an end when he is sleeping in his grave. Although these are two separate communities, adjacent to each other, those from here consider it to be one village due to their kinship, love, and challenges they have overcome together.

As the patriarch recollects, he shares poignant details, regarding three run-away slaves. Two of them being young boys, who were kept as slaves even after slavery ended, but found a way to escape. Their descendants became Vietnam and Civil Rights heroes.

After the patriarch’s death, his granddaughter meets face-to-face with the slave masters’ descendants and their story does not continue with horror and hate, despite their differences. Note, slave master is plural because their family was passed around throughout the same family for way over a century. Despite prolonged oppression, this village rises above it with no hate. This extraordinary, true story, “Jumping the Train” demonstrates how wonderful, the world can be if human beings could co-exist together with more love.

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